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Harold Zofcin

I personally did not like using tee times and will not play in the tournament next year if tee times are used. After playing in seven very enjoyable World Am tournaments, last year’s tournament was equally disappointing. Sure, playing in threesomes in single carts sped up play; but at what cost? Furthermore, social distancing was not improved as was one of the goals stated for using tee times. Players still gathered in close confines as carts were not loaded in areas where social distancing was possible! My main reason for disliking tee times, however, has nothing to do with pandemic practices. I travel to the tournament with a group of friends/players who are also of like mind. A large part of our enjoyment during tournament week stems from meeting at a local watering hole after our round and socializing over a beer or two. The use of tee times made that aspect of our week impossible! With shotgun starts everyone could meet up within about 45 minutes of each other. Tee times meant that the time between first and last arrivals at the watering hole could be more than two hours, sometimes closer to three. For me and my group, tee times were a bust!

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