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Tommy Briggs

Harold I think you have three groups of people who play in the WA.

The first group are the socializers, they are more concerned about the 19th hole and as you said socializing after the round. Golf takes a backseat to the socializing.

The second group are the golfers, they are mainly concerned with the golf, arriving with room on the range to warm up, more reasonable round times, less confusion at the outset, socializing is just not that important.

The third group well they come for a variety of reasons or some combination of all of the above. They will go along to get along and adapt to whatever circumstances dictate.

The running total here is 14 to 2 in favor of tee times and I understand tee times were overwhelmingly requested to stay. The surveys sent out will tell the story and if tee times are used this year it is because the majority supported it. You raise a good point but the socializers are far more upset about the lack of the 19th hole than tee times.

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