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Bob Newman

Tommy, I think you are correct in your assessments. I do hope that the surveys prove you correct about more preferring Tee Times. I’ll make an assumption that is purely my Own opinion with absolutely no facts to back it up. I believe that the WA can reach the 3000 number regardless of whatever route they wish to go, on any issue. It is that popular. I honestly think that the number that drops out for whatever reason will be picked up by others. As much as I do not want to go back to shotgun starts, I’m not sure of that is a game breaker for me. I found out last year that I could survive an absolute terrible golf course and have a good event. I’m anxiously awaiting to see the game plan for this years WA and I will proceed from there. I’m currently rehabbing knee replacement and it is going slowly, so this is another factor for me.

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