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William Zeoli

My 3 cents. My group is 8-10 players each year coming from Boston. We are all handicaps and all ages from single digits to high teens, from 40 years old to 70 plus. We need to rent cars and usually have 4. Once we get our course assignments I make a spread sheet and we divvy up the cars so that one car can take 2 or 3 golfers to certain areas, say North or South, dropping off golfers and then picking them up. We did not go last year, for obvious reasons, but are “all in” for this year. Right now airline pricing is high, but we’re still in. However, if the tee time scenario is in effect, we would need likely 6-7 cars, at least. To be honest, that may be the straw that breaks the back. With entry fees, airline costs, car rental and lodging, plus one practice round or skins game, we are near or above $2000 per player.

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