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Tommy Briggs

Mike personally I always look at the gift bag as a $100 – $150 gift, depending on how you value things. I only wear foot joy shirts so the golf shirt is worth nothing to me. I do like the long sleeve shirts I wear them frequently when it’s cold and they are well suited for golf.

Tee times are my preference because it makes the range available without having to show up 2 hours early, and as I told Adam in another thread, we played all three days at the QSchool in 4.5 hours including a cart path only round at Caledonia on Wednesday.

I respect and understand the value some people place on the 19th hole, personally I do not find any value in the 19th hole for me. I do go one night to see the vendors but that is all. I have said before I feel the best option would be to offer a discount to those who do not want to go and charge a little extra for “guest passes” for those who want to go.

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