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Bruce Friend

Yes you are in the minority but I am also with you and it is logical if you view it as you and I apparently do. And this year’s q-school in March proved it. Rounds were 5 1/2 hours plus so the fallacy tee times still using foursomes with only two carts will not speed up rounds when they put this many golfers on a course. The benefits of having shotgun starts with coordinating getting golfers to the courses with minimum amount of cars is something those proponents of tee times don’t consider with their opinions among other intangibles.

I feel tee times was the right decision for 2020 (even though I did not attend) and March 2021 qschool due to the pandemic and attempting to space out the golfers. But every round at qschool, there were a crowd of golfers with tee times at every course with no social distancing so even though it would have been more with a shotgun start, tee times did not eliminate the danger of the spread of Covid very well. Most US residents SHOULD be vaccinated by August 2021 so risk is reduced but not eliminated with the spread of Covid and personally, I would like to see us go back to shotgun starts. I am doubtful that will happen and will deal with it without complaint as I know the WAM staff are attempting to do the right thing with a tough situation.

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