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I played in 2020 and absolutely loved the tee times, I also ran the skins game and really didn’t have any issues with this with some modifications of prepay for the week on day one, and notification to the players the payouts would happen the next day at a certain time and as always and someone helping me. I brought a new player in from Hawaii and we were able to play two afternoon rounds that week where is years past was able to get a shower if Lucky and make the 19th hole. This year I have eight of us that are coming in from Hawaii and I understand the rental car issue but will make it work as we can enjoy the town other golf courses if desired because of the pace of play being decreased because of the tee times. So needless to say I am supporter of tee times but that being said no matter how we play I am anxiously waiting for the registration to open and to begin the real countdown.

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