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The issues with Social distancing at Q-School was due to how the courses staged the carts. From what I had seen most/all participants were masked (Sometimes incorrectly but yet had a mask covering their mouth only..) until they started playing.

For pace of play. As any golfer should know by now. Anytime it is raining or simply cart path only expect for a 5+ hour round and hope for less. With the conditions I do not believe it would have mattered if it was tee times or a shotgun start. Rangers out on the course might also have helped a bit.

Personally, With playing last years “WA” and this years Q-School; I do like having tee times for being able to put/chip and hit a few. My first year at the “WA” was during shotgun starts and it was crazy trying to find room to putt chip or even hit the range.

Side note: I would like if possible to at least have the players reordered on the last day of the event so everyone is playing along with the person(s) who they are ranked against. .

Just my 2-3 cents…

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