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Bruce Friend

Not addressing you directly Tommy as I believe your comments and respect them greatly. I would not say anyone dropped the ball or make any other accusation without experiencing a similar situation. I have no doubt there were some foursomes in all the groups that played faster than what I and several others I spoke to experienced. Doesn’t make anything or anybody nefarious but rather it was a different experience. I will say out of the 3 days of qschool, only once which was day 1 at Pine Lakes where a Marshall said something to our group. And a guy in my foursome basically told him to STFU as we were on hole 7 after 2 hours already waiting in the fairway for the green to clear and hole 8 is a par 3 with a group on the green and one on the tee box. The course was obviously stacked up all day and it wasn’t due to anyone “playing slow” or “dropping the ball”. You can’t have players pick up in a tournament. I felt the courses did their best as well as WAM staff and it wouldn’t have been any better if it was a shotgun.

I will say with my experience in qschool and the different players playing at different tees, this lead to some waits. The Super Seniors playing a far shorter course had holes that were very reachable from the tee on some Par 4’s and reachable in 2 on some par 5’s, especially at Colonial National. The natural slowness of having different tees in a foursome led to natural slowness which isn’t an issue at WAM.

My last comment on the subject. I would like to think WAM staff takes all perspectives into consideration when making decisions and I greatly appreciate the surveys they ask to have filled out. They are attempting to do the right thing knowing they can’t please everyone. If individuals don’t like how it is set up, explain your reasons to WAM and stay home.

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