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Tommy Briggs

If the WA extends the early entry date it affects a whole lot of people from all over the world. It enables people who have no valid reason to delay registering the opportunity to wait just because they want to. It would create a real issue for the WA I think.

Just my two cents, I would register and if the situation in Canada does not change ask Scott for a reduction in the $50.00 cancellation fee, or allow you to apply your entry fee to next years event. This would allow the WA to identify a specific group of people (Canadians) affected by a government policy they have no control over. I just think you are more likely to see that happen then to see the WA delay the early entry registration and might be more palatable for the WA to accept.

By the way I would address this by email not in a public forum. Asking Scott to make decisions that affect the field in public opens the door for other people to make requests because World Am Policy suddenly is no longer a set of rules , just suggestions. I have always found Scott and the WA staff to be reasonable and I think you should be able to work something out. (Privately)

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