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William Zeoli

I know I am in the minority. I know many of you will think I’m whining. I know I’ve posted this before, but I need to get it out again. Although my group of twelve players, including 4 brand new guys will all be participating this year, the expenses is really hurting. Since we are flying out of Boston (airfares between $400-$500) we need rental cars. In the past, I’ve made spreadsheets up so that we can share vehicles to make the shotgun starts even if not in the same flights. Example, three guys go north, playing three different courses but only needing one car. Even with some guys dropping shots to get in paired flights, the best I can come up with is likely 7 cars at least, and that is using Uber/Lyft as well. Car rentals companies have increase by about 50% from 2019 due to selling off fleets because of pandemic. I just rented two Camrys at $826 EACH for the week. A few others have rented dinky economy cars at $600 per week. I’m guessing about $5000 for our group plus Uber/Lyft costs of maybe $1000 for close by courses. Shotgun start cost for transportation in 2019? About $2500. Tee time costs for transportation in 2021 ? About $6000. Ouch. Anyone have any better, cheaper suggestions ?

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