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Denny Burch

I prefer a shotgun start also. I don’t have the problem William Z has with ride logistics, but he makes a valid and sobering point. And yes, rental prices are way up over last year.

My biggest issue is the early starts. Last year I was in Tom J’s flight and the second day I had a 8:07 tee time at Farmstead. Like him I was an early start every day. I went out to the range at 7:15 and it was like hitting at dusk – not fun for old eyes. It was very cloudy that morning and that was a problem. If you don’t want/need to hit balls then no problem, but otherwise just hope it’s not cloudy.

I checked the sunrise schedule in MB for 8/31 this year and sunrise is at 6:48. I just hope I don’t get one of those 7:00 tee times at the courses where they don’t double tee.

After 28 World AMs I like the idea of seeing everybody I know before we tee off. Additionally, the shotgun is far more convenient for skins players and those who run them. As for playing faster, I don’t see that. Last year we had threesomes, only 72 players on the course, and everyone had their own cart. So yeah, we played faster. This year we’ll have foursomes, about a hundred players per course, and doubled up carts. That’s what we had in the March QSchool tourney, and all my rounds were 5 hrs or more. I prefer to bring back the shotgun next year at 8:30 or 9:00!!

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