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Ed Guertin

Very good comments here and some very good scenarios for sure!

L,C and P does and should be used for NET Amateur golfers, most are there for the fun of the tourney and many are lacking a good knowledge of the rules and unless you are actually standing there to provide guidance then some very questionable decisions are made on the part of the player.

This happened last year with the sand fiasco, on a few occasions. I played with folks who took relief in a bunker where I knew it was not allowed! Fried egg being one and close to the lip being another. In several occasions I questioned the players and there was a common theme, anything goes, we have a license to kill in a bunker.

When asking others players in the group there was the same common theme for the most part, in a bunker, smooth it. move it and you have one club length! I also know last year was the exception playing in 3 threesomes so getting a consensus among us we’re starting off 1 for, one against, and one who usually took the stance, well they said abnormal and it was abnormal…

To me over 4 days that just showed how folks took full advantage of the situation!

Myself, here is what I personally believe for L,C and P in an Amateur Tournament:
-No L,C and P for all the Gross Divisions or for Friday’s Championship Round.
-When L,C and P is instituted for the day, you must mark your ball, use the scorecard (SHORT WAY ONLY) clean it and replace it, excluding going from the apron of the green to the green itself.
-DIVOTS, a personal pet peeve of mine! We all play on public courses and make divots, most of us repair or fill them in, too many A-hol*es don’t, especially when wedging it from an area they can’t bring the cart! They bring the clubs to make a shot, not the sand bottle! I just believe that a scorecard relief is warranted every day, the short side of the card, again, except Gross Divisions and the Championship round.

Just like the comments here, there is a lot of passion to get it right, but not everyone agrees on how it should be done.

I think all of us agree that looking back at past scenarios and events that have transpired we all want to provide the best tools possible to all the flights to make a great Amateur Tourney even better!

Can’t wait until August… keep smiling folks, we can do it!

  • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by Ed Guertin.
  • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by Ed Guertin.

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