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Tommy Briggs

How does a good golfer get rewarded if every bad shot that comes to rest in a bad lie is simply lifted, cleaned and placed on a nice cushy lie with a direct line to the green?

Where is the skill if you can just bang the hell out of the ball without any care for where it goes because a simple lifting, cleaning and placing the ball eliminates any penalty for a bad shot?

If trees and roots are not to come into play during a round, why do golf courses not cut down all the trees?

Why not play everything as a lateral and just bang the hell out of the ball and then bring it to the nearest point in the fairway and place it there.

Golf is supposed to be a game of skill, requiring practice and precision and those efforts are supposed to be rewarded. Bad shots are supposed to hurt and cause difficulty and have penalties.

I think more people should play in the just for fun division then they could do whatever they want because there really is no winner in a game without rules.

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