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Bob Newman

One thing to be pointed out is that every rule that grants
“FREE RELIEF” has an exception as in 16.1a(3) “No Relief when Clearly Unreasonable to Play the Ball” That Ball in the Tree in ACC (GRU) or bush that give you no reasonable shot, needs to played as Unplayable. Rule 16 is a good rule to read and study as it also give examples of “Nearest Point of Relief” that is usually taken as “Nicest Point of Relief” by most I paly with. I honestly don’t think that most I play with in the WA intentionally do things the wrong way, but that is what they have been mis-informed by at their local clubs. I see players every year that do not have a firm grasp on the basic essentials of the rules. Some that I have tried to help are grateful and some say, I’m playing just for fun and I try to politely inform them that it is advertised as a TOURNAMENT and that they offer a just for fun division.

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