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William Zeoli

Hi David- It’s good to know that you are only going with your brother, because this is a good deal for those who are a bit adventurous. Each and every year I go to the World Am I discover how many vacancies there are all along the beach in Myrtle. I’m quite serious here. Two years ago I arrived day early, found a wonderful unit at a big time beach hotel and paid under $100. Two other guys I met there paid about 50% of the listed price for a four day trip. I realize it is a bit scary to go with no reservations, but understand the date. It is the quietest week of the season in MB. Last week in August with the upcoming Labor Day weekend crowd not yet in place. I am coming with 11 other guys and we have condos, but if I were with just one other guy you can be sure that is the way I would go. No, the beachfront hotels do not advertise cheap rates that week, but sign after sign says “Vacancies” and the pricing reflects it. Just a suggestion.

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