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Ken Delaney

Tommy & Stephen,
Yes you are both correct about the referring a new player and then receiving a $50 credit for the NEXT World Am. That is something they’ve offered for a while now.

Back on 4/8, I registered for this year at the price of $559.00. As far as I know, this is the lowest price offered thus far. If you read the website, the price is still $559.00 until early June. I’m not sure what you’re referring to Tommy when you mentioned “you had the opportunity to register for a greater discount than the $50.00 off full price”.

If a new player signs up today with the promo code “XXXXX” (I believe that is it), they get $50 off. Bringing their total to $509.00?? Again, as I mentioned in my initial post, is there a piece of info I am missing which can make this sensible?? Because this doesn’t seem reasonable. Especially for those newbies who have already signed up.

There’s more to this on my end, but I am curious to hear what Scott and the staff will say.

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