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Tommy Briggs

Having played last year at the World Am and this year at the March Championship, I can tell you that if the ball does not come to rest IN THE HOLE, it is not considered holed, and you must play your ball where it comes to rest. It is no different than in a normal round pre-Covid and you hit the pin, it enters the hole and bounces out, it is played from where the ball comes to rest and is NOT considered holed..
My friend Jim from the FSGA if he reads this will chime in, but there is not a single competition played in the United States of America where you do not play the ball from where it comes to rest regardless of whether you “think” it would have gone in.

A player has completed a hole:
In stroke play, when the player holes out under Rule 3.3c.
The definition of HOLED
When a ball is at rest in the hole after a stroke and the entire ball is below the surface of the putting green.
When the Rules refer to “holing out ” or “hole out,” it means when the player’s ball is holed.
For the special case of a ball resting against the flagstick in the hole, see Rule 13.2c (ball is treated as holed if any part of the ball is below the surface of the putting green).

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