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Ken Weatherford

Check, I wouldn’t be opposed to a discount, like after five years tenure, or something. I don’t think it is silly at all to get a discount as a returning player. Let’s look at it this way. We all pay taxes, but most of us get a return to let the government use our money. Many retailers have customer loyalty programs. I think it is silly not to offer something as appreciation to returning players for playing for so many years. What about those of us that NEVER go to the 19th hole. I could care less and I don’t drink. I don’t care to be around a bunch of drunks and the food is horrible. So, I am paying for your enjoyment every year. Why shouldn’t I get something for never using a so-called benefit of the tournament. I didn’t really mean everyone at the 19th Hole was a drunk. I was just using it as an example as to why it doesn’t attract me. I don’t need clubs or accessories. I don’t care for the food. I don’t drink alcohol, and about the only thing I do like is the ice cream.

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