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Ken Delaney

Simply put:

If you are a returning player, you should have a window of signing up that is the best value. Which the WA staff does.

For example, everyone who signs up early (as soon as registration opens) at whatever cost the WA staff is deemed the lowest they can allow, is eligible for the “drawings”. That is worth a tiny amount (to have the chance to win). If the WA staff opens that same time frame to “new players”, then good for them too.

Whoever you are “new” or “returning” player, if you don’t sign up by an established date, the price will increase and you will now pay MORE. That is the cost of signing up “later”.

The point in this thread is being missed as it goes on. How can the WA staff allow a discount AFTER THE FACT?? This is bad business… people are feeling like they are being cheated. Every new player who finds out that the NEXT new player is paying LESS, will be and SHOULD be pissed.

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