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Ken Weatherford

Yep, Chuck! My barber gives me an opportunity to get discount coupons every year. I do pay a little up front to get a larger percentage off when I use those coupons. My bank gives me bonuses for having a good balance, but I don’t have to go back to that bank.

My employer gives me bonuses, profit sharing, and a full 5% on my 401K. Again, it’s called loyalty rewards. My credit card company gives me bonus points every year for spending. Even restaurants offer discounts to EVERY customer.

I never said the WAM had to give me a discount every year, but after 14 years, you would think they could afford a little something to loyal players. I don’t expect it because it will never happen. I am just saying it would be kind gesture.

These are all associated with loyalty. Should I go on, Chuck? Sure, I can find businesses that don’t offer anything, but then I usually stop using them when I find better deals. That’s probably why I am in the top 20% of wage earners in America; without a degree, by the way. I learned wisely how to spend (and earn) my cash.

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