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Ken Weatherford

Chuck, get a grip! You have to chase me around to every forum question to make another senseless point? You have been nothing but a pain since Ken Delaney made a comment about a discount. I was just making a point that you are getting on everyone’s last nerve. You aren’t the only one that has a say in these forums. If you disagree, just say you disagree.

This is an open forum. I don’t believe I bragged about my income. Did I say how much I make? I don’t believe I did. I believe I just said that I am able to live better because I look for deals that you apparently don’t get.

I didn’t complain about not getting a discount. Get your story straight, please. Go read what I said again. I was just an advocate for getting one, based on what Ken Delaney said. That discount would also include many others, not just me.

Sure Ray! I’ll throw you bone…even buy you a drink. lol

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