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Ken Weatherford

Yes, Chuck, I am very proud of those accomplishments, and as I thought, I didn’t mention my income. If you worked hard to achieve the same goals and came from basically nothing, I am sure you would be proud to tell others about your success, as well. I also happen to coach others on how to build online businesses. So, I also like to give back.

Apparently, you were offended that I mentioned I am in a certain % income bracket and perhaps you aren’t. It was not my intent to offend you, in any case. My comment wasn’t about the success of those accomplishments, although it was extremely hard to do so. It was about what I have done to reach them, since you don’t seem to get the same discounts I do. I believe you missed my entire point. My point is that I have saved thousands of dollars getting discounts that many don’t even look for…and yes, I happened to agree with Ken Delaney’s comments.

If you really add up the numbers (tournament costs) and factor in the charges, the WAM could easily offer a loyalty benefit at some point. Let me reiterate. I did not ask for a discount. I simply support it for those that have played and supported this tournament for many, many years. Without them, there never would be a tournament of this type.

I also don’t agree with people having to pay for the 19th Hole events if we don’t use the service. However, we do anyway. So, keep my tickets and give me a discount. There are plenty of people that want the tickets, and will pay for them, by the way. I am guessing the get them for other family members or buds that want to drink alcohol with for free. Have to admit that free alcohol is a big attractor for that event, and I took advantage of it the first year.

I am just saying, “don’t make me pay for it, now.” Give my ticket to someone else. Here’s another one for you. Take me out of the Earlybird prizes. I have everything they are giving away. Don’t care about any of them. I could go on and on about what I am being charged for that I don’t use, want, or need. I am just paying for everyone else’s freebies.

I don’t need a new WAM shirt, jacket, golf balls, etc. If I had an option, I would eliminate paying for things I don’t want. How much would my entry cost then? Have I made my point, yet? I hope I have. I don’t need a discount for discount’s sake. No one pays for things they don’t want or use, and loyalty is a good idea for things like this. Thanks Ken for bringing this up.

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