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Ken D. – I tried calling the day after this thread began because some conversations are easier over the phone. I did not get a hold of you. I’ll share here and close this topic since it’s gotten off track.

I removed the code you listed here publicly because it should be used by people who learn about the event through our marketing efforts, not a public forum.

This is very similar to us giving $50 for referrals. So (to Ken) your 3 new players will get you $50 each, or if they heard it on the radio using the code its $50 direct to them. Still $150 being given away. Either way people will walk away a winner!

We have to advertise the event somehow and more importantly know what ads work. Nearly all new participants take advantage of the referral program which means a LOT of loyal players earn discounts. 50x more than any codes we advertise for what its worth.

We are appreciative of all participants. We do this to grow the tournament for the future in hopes of attaining new golfers to Myrtle Beach for years to come. If you have questions feel free to call us directly. We are happy to chat.

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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