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Rick Kimbrell

Ken, welcome to IMHO the best tournament we who are not top amateurs can play in. This will be my 34th consecutive year to play. Best advice I can give you is to let yourself have fun. When I first started playing, I took it way way too seriously and it kicked my butt very hard. Golf in MB is so different than where I normally play and I let it get to me. In the years I have played, I have met some life long friends who I rarely ever see anywhere other than in MB.
Remember, we are playing in prime time hurricane season. Forget any MB weather until August 15th. Then start watching the tropics. You need good rain gear. When it starts raining, we don’t quit unless the golf course becomes unplayable. Rain gloves…a necessity. To me, a golf umbrella is something to keep my towel hanging on, not to keep me dry. Rain hat, rain jacket, rain shorts, rain gloves….you are ready for WA golf.
Also, it will be hot and humid. Count on it. Stay hydrated. Bring something for a snack to keep your strength up. Oh yes…count on a long round on the golf course. If lucky, the round will be 5 hours of less but don’t count on it, especially on first day (Monday). If you are good with the Rules of Golf, don’t let some “I think I know it all about the rules” get to you. Don’t be afraid to challenge if you have good rules knowledge.
Have fun. Doubt you will be in my age group or flight but hope to meet you at the Convention Center. I will buy you an adult beverage.

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