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Bruce Friend

I try hard not to be “that guy” and in fact, I’m probably too lenient. But in tournament play like this, it is always good to set an example on the first green walking off saying out loud your score (make sure it is correct) and then most of the time everyone else will verbally state their score. State it in the gross amount. If someone doesn’t state the score, ask them before getting to the cart in a pleasant voice and usually add a compliment of some type is always good. If there is a scoring error, don’t be accusatory but go through the strokes and most guys will self correct as it is an honest mistake.

Be a good playing partner to everyone in the group. Encourage and compliment but don’t be “chatty”. Smile. Crack a joke once in awhile if you are used to making others laugh and you have a good sense of humor. Don’t be the slow player in the group but don’t rush. In general, feel blessed that we have the opportunity to spend a week at the beach playing golf and enjoying others.

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