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Several years ago Jason Corum and myself was running 2 side events in conjunction with the WA. A player who entered those side events had a very good 1st day and picked up a prize from Jason. The WA gave him a 2 stroke reduction The problem was the following day he once again had an exceptional round which this time he was disqualified by the WA and thus qualified from jason’s tournament when he tried to claim the Cash prize again. My side event had different rules so I told him that he could stay in my event but he would have to play at a 6 stroke reduction giving him just enough rope to hang himself. You wouldn’t believe it the very next day he’d come in with another incredible score and when I told him he was disqualified he became all upset and started throwing punches to the point where he was thrown to the floor restrained and escorted out of the building. Now the worst part of it is I played a Friday after tournament and he had his wife come up and apologize on his behalf wasn’t man enough to come and apologize himself. This person is very well known on this message board and has posted many posts which I just roll my roll my eyes. I have never ousted him and I’ve always bitten my tongue as I will this time but he knows who he is. Perhaps one day he would be man enough to admit that he was wrong and apologized to me in person. The funny thing was the very next year he started off with another exceptional round and actually won his flight that year. If you looked at his handucap history for the year none of the rounds that he stated was legit and tried to win money with had never been posted to his handicap account from the year before amazing. Wouldn’t that constitute falsifying a handicap

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