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The world Am had been using shotgun starts well…forever.. With the unfortunate introduction and restrictions of Covid; they were forced to change from shotgun to Tee-Times starts.

The Pros:
Shotgun – Allows all flight members to meet each other, organize skins games, and daily round leader re-grouping.
Tee-Times – Makes room on the range and putting green for practicing, meets social distancing requirements.

The Cons:
Shotgun – No social distancing in cart staging area and or range/putting green. If you can even get a spot to practice due to people not warming up but hitting a full round worth of balls.
Tee-Times – No daily round leader re-grouping and more difficult to organize skins games.

I think if everyone gives the World AM some time they will either return to Shotgun starts( one day If allowed) or develop an automated system which could alert each player of their time via email/Text after every round.

Until then I would hope that everyone will be thankful that the World Am is still taking place weather or not there is shogun or tee-times – Random groupings or Final Groupings – 19th Hole or Going out and paying for food and drinks.

In the end, golf is about managing you expectations , being able to bend without breaking when things are not going the way you would have hopped. I am thankful to the World AM for find a way to allow us to continue to enjoy the game we love in a competitive way.

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