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Mike Sigmon

Hey Bob,
I agree with you on liking the tee times but on the other hand I do like to know what I might need to do if I’m playing for the win…If I’m in the top four in the flight I would like to see what the other’s are doing if the leader of the flight hooks one OB and I’m 1 shot back I’m for sure going to play the hole different then or maybe they hit one in the water on a par 3 at that point I’m just going to hit the green rather than taking on the pin if it’s trouble around the green…with today’s technology I would think we could be able to let people know the tee times easy enough either with text messages and/or email Facebook or even at the 19th hole where we pick up flight info sheets. It may take a little doing but computers can spit this info out in no time at all.
Look when you get to the 19th hole on any given night in 2019 we had 67 flights and when the doors opened at 6 PM all the info was on the score board in lights and every flight was listed with where you stood on the info sheet that can be picked up at the Convention Center ( ā€œCā€ Hall ) I think it is so it can be put together on without a lot of problems I think.
I help with doing a small tournament ( 2 Days ) and I understand I’m only doing 1 course and 120 people but when the last group gets done at 6pm or so on Sat. we get the flights put together and tee time assigned and email to people and posted on Facebook, and a sheet posted on the window at the pro shop with all the info on it. Like I said above we are living in a world today where info can be put out within a short time frame.

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