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Rick Kimbrell

Well said David Baker. I started playing in the WA in 1988 and have not missed one since. I have met many of the WA staff and really appreciate the effort they put into this event to make it what it has become. I have not agreed with them on all counts thru the years but the tournament is much better than it was way back when. They have definitely implemented many good ideas into this tournament. I too am a person who would like to see the top 4 paired together and those who are 5th thru 8th paired together. But, if their software does not handle it right now, so be it. And, yes shotgun would make it so much better for the guys running the skins game but Bob is correct, this is about the golf tournament not the skins game (which really are fun and you know it Bob).
Thanks WA for listening to us.

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