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Glenn Foster

It’s all about the $$$ boys! They had to lease so many extra carts to accommodate the individual cart rule, the profit wasn’t there with the 19th hole being cancelled last year as well.
These vendors pay to get their product/booth at CC as well. This is a tournament that makes money, not a non-profit.
I personally loved the individual cart thing because of people from hot-spot infection areas could be in your cart. They could/will be again this year because it sounds inevitable, even with the immunizations & protocols. They don’t exhibit symptomology yet, but touch the same steering wheel, windshield, handles, cart bag cover ( if drizzling), your cup/can by mistake in holder, towels…that is where we can and should distance! We spend 6,000+ yards in the same cart & most of the 5+ hrs. is in the cart. I actually thought the Committee would require us, last year, to play with the same grouping days 1-3 to have a better control over possible spreading; just in case and without CC.
I’m not saying treat everyone as infectious, but we should be thinking that way with thousands of folks coming into this event, and the Convention Center?

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