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Glenn Foster

Donnie, great point; but falls on deaf ears in tournament play. A slow player can play with anybody, but a fast player will loose rhythm and get frustrated at slow players. That is a given & you can’t “make” anyone play ready golf and rarely are both cart mates close enough to really protect the field by observing others in the group.
I’ve been in the Am for a long time & can truly say I’ve never thought someone was shady on the course, seen some great breaks, but don’t think they created them maliciously. That being said, it is part of the responsibility of each other to ” protect the field” while round is underway. Ready golf is great, but you still aren’t playing through anyone, and aren’t playing any faster than the slowest player in front of you or in your group! 5 and 6 to 6 1/2 hr rounds in blistering heat is no fun; 100%. Everyone play as quickly as possible would be great.

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