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Ryan Stratulate

Is of right now you can’t drive into the USA unless it is essential business. Flying is open to non-essential however need a negative pcr or antigen test 3 days before flight leaves to enter the USA.

On return we need a negative pcr or naat test (no antigen) test to board the plane within 72 hours of flight departure. The 72 hours is a sticking point as if your flight gets delayed you could be in trouble. If you are double vaxed upon return you may get randomly selected for another pcr test or you are just sent on your way with no quarantine. If you aren’t double vaxed when u land u will get a test upon landing, quarantine and have another test on day 8. Also need to have all your information filled out and proof (negative test, vaccination prof, etc) on the ArriveCAN app when u come back. Believe that is the jist of it, could of missed something for non-vaxed but haven’t paid too much attention to that since it doesn’t apply in my groups case.

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