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Mike Boston

Bill thsts a good question with single tee times that will be tough regardless I don’t have an issue coming in early and leaving late as I come down alone so no one to run home too. Plus I lived in myrtle for 15 years and don’t need to see the sites so to say, Ken is more than welcome to chime in here because he’s done this flight before and I’m in agreement with him no matter who someone has to run it. Heck that’s what I come for is to play the skins game 🙂 otherwise I’m throwing 500.00 down the drain… so rest assured it will be a game. Ive see different numbers come out and play sometimes you get 55-65 playing skins sometimes only 30-40 so to cut that in half would be crazy.. here the thing if we as a group do this and let’s say ken tees off one of the first and I’m one of the middle that leaves out some people if the get there a little late! So my suggestion would be do the 20, 20,20,40 pay schedule and make sure everyone gets in on day one if at all possible!! Ken bill thoughts on timing? Thanks guys

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