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Mike Boston

Ken it sounds like it’s going to be crazy with tee times. Like I said on the other thread I can be there prior and after no issues I don’t have anything to do after, the problem I see is even if we both did it is you and I took money for pot there probably will be people missed is you tee off first and I tee off at in middle we both would be gone so I suggest we make it a pay on Monday for entire week or make sure the players that are not comfortable with entire week need to be there prior to all tee times to give you or I money and sign in? Does that make sense?? My games have almost always been 20,20,20,40 with payout every day no skins rolls over to only players that were in that day. Again my biggest concern is you get a guy in the first group that wins a skin but jets before everyone else is in so one of us would be holding and responsible for finding that player and holding their money. That can get crazy in this scenario. So people would have to understand that. I had one guy one year do it pretty much every day then when I paid him he basically was like thanks and walk away. Not that I require or even expect tips I and I’m sure you do it so we have a game but come in I’m banking your 200-300 bucks and then trying to find you the next day. Which might be hard if your not looking for us. So I think if you or I or both of us do this we need to make sure people understand the the expectations of find us and if you didn’t get in you can’t be mad because we were not available to take your money when you showed up 10 min before your tee time and we’re already playing. Thoughts??

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