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Ken Weatherford

Les, if you want to help out, that would be great. I am running Gross Skins. Basic rules are:

Birdie or better to win a skin, if it’s the only birdie or better on the hole.

If two low scores (birdie or better) tie on the same hole, all tie.

Scorecard must be submitted with potential skin(s) hole(s) circled.

All players in the group must sign the scorecard prior to turning it in to me.

Unsigned scorecard(s) will not be accepted for skins payment. If you have a birdie or better, please remember to have all players in your group sign your card.

Payouts will be the next day, except on Thursday. I will stay on Thursday until everyone is paid.

Any day where all skins are capped, the skins money will carry over to the next day.

If you must leave before I have completed my round, I will accept a text message with a picture of the scorecard signed. My cell number is 405-314-9559. I will notify all skins players of this rule when skins are paid.

Any questions?

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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