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Bobby Grant

Thoughts from a Curmudgeon :

1. 100% of flights 5 and 6 should be participating. If you don’t plan on getting in the skins, you should just stay home and take up pickleball.
2. Everyone needs to get their lazy butts out of bed and get to the course before the first tee time on the first day and give Ken your money.
3. I’m pretty sure none of us are mission essential or have something so important to do that we have to rush off after the round is complete. Sit down, grab a beer and wait for Ken to get in.
4. There should be no pictures of skins, texting skins, emailing skins, absentee skins or mail in skins. Didn’t you jacklegs learn your lesson from the election last November! It should be in person skins and if you look the least bit shady, we will ask for a photo ID.
5. Last but not least, TIP THE SKINS GUY! Don’t be that cheapskate that I have to call out.

Have a nice day and I will see you suckers next week!

Legal Disclaimer: This message was not intended to offend any of you woke people.

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