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Ken Weatherford

Didn’t mean to start a new topic on skins. However, it was not about any one flight in particular. I was trying to get answers and therefore created another topic to get the right people to respond, Scott. If I have a topic that says Flight 42 and 43 and start a new one that addresses nothing regarding these to flights at all, why can I not start a new topic? I thought the bulletin board was for everyone to communicate and get answers. Apparently, not.

Also, I know WAM folks don’t care about skins and there are players that don’t either. So why don’t you provide a different forum, just for skins and not have it on the bulletin board? I would be happy to provide one for everyone interested in skins topics next year and keep it outside of the bulletin board, except those that must notify players that they are running skins for a flight. Everything else can be communicated in a forum I can create. I will buy a new domain name and provide the forum if everyone in skins will support it.


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