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Ken Weatherford

Absolutely not, Tom. Too many people cheat with personal course cards. I caught one guy changing his scorecard prior to submitting to pro shop, so that he could collect skins.

If folks don’t want to take five minutes to submit their scores before the card is turned in to the pro shop, or you cannot text the card image to me, then I suggest folks don’t get into skins. It is not an imposition to take a few minutes to get your score for skins if you want to collect the money. As I said, a photo can be taken and texted (with all signatures on the card). It is also not illegal to have more than two signatures on the card. It is just important that player and the attester sign in the correct place, but even then no one has ever been DQ’d for having it in the wrong place. In fact, the staff has no idea whether it is your signature or not.

The tee times will be either 7 or 10 minutes apart. So figure in about an hour and a half to two hours, give or take.

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