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Chandler Wells

I will accept entry on this thread or TEXT-717-810-7401

Name and flight # please…see me Monday to settle up.

I ran skins game in 5 & 6 last year, with zero issues. 1st year in 50-59 yrs young class…Flights 12&13.
More than willing to run this year in these flights…if someone else already does, that’s OK and I will play either way!
I am in 1st tee times Monday, so gonna have to get the word out. Last year I took verbal commitment and accepted PayPal or waited in lounge after to collect. I already printed sheets out. I will be handing my contact info out to all players in both flights if there is interest prior to their respective start. If they want in, text me name and flight, they can pay me after Round 1 in lounge
Would be a 20-20-20-40 or 100 total for the week.
*Birdie or better
*Official Tourney card or photo of Official card only allowed, no tear off strips or course cards…Period!
*No daily winner, $$$ carries over
*I will arrive early Monday to collect…Stay late daily to pay
*Thursday tie-breaker would pay ALL BIRDIES OR BETTER SAME AMOUNT OF POOL if no skins won.
*Text or email me your name and Flight 12 or 13 if you plan to play.
Chandler Wells
717-810-7401 or cchanimal@gmail.com

Call Us at 1-800-833-8798

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