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Ken Weatherford

Ok, I have to confess. I have a solution for skins games that will notify everyone in advance, but we would have to notify everyone this year to apply online later this year or next.

I have a website that tracks golf tournaments and skins, by flight, etc. It is set up for Individual Stroke Play (Alpha, Ordinal, and Gender/Age tournaments), Best (Better) Ball, Alternating Shot, and Scramble. We are planning to at Match Play later this year.

It tracks all gross/net skins games and both, in case you want to run both in the same tournament or flight. Each person that uses it as a tournament/skins admin would have to do a little work to set it up, but from there, you can have the players pay early, either by credit card or PayPal. I can provide credit card/paypal services for you, or you can use your own solutions.

The one-month plan is $29.95. If half the field gets into skins (50 people from 100 in two flights), you would only require 60 more cents to pay for the service. The site is in its final beta testing stage, and it will definitely be ready for next year’s World Am. The site is TournamentSkins.com and I own it. It has been a project in the making for the last two plus years, because I found that no online software provider that I know of provides skins by flight, with unlimited skins entries.

If you ever want to run tournaments, my site is the most comprehensive available (complete with admin videos), and it is the only software app that will do the entire World Am skins, if needed. I will have an Apple Store app available for iPhone and Android for real-time scoring as they are posted.

I also plan to set up a forum (chat) space, similar to the World Am Bulletin Board, and we can keep our conversations totally out of the WAM Bulletin Board environment. I think some people on this bulletin board get miffed when we have so many topics on skins…Yes, even Scott Ward.

Let me know what you think. For those of you that would like to help me beta test the software, I will give you free use of the app for next year’s World Am, or a lifetime membership for the first 5 admins that sign up to beta test the app. You can either text me, or call, or email (ken_weatherford2004@yahoo.com), and I will tell you all about beta test and what I need you to do.



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