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Ken Weatherford

No problem, Scott. First of all, I didn’t have twenty other topics. I requested solutions for running skins in a tee-time environment. I will not promote my site from the bulletin board anymore. No problem there. I would like to ask where you were when pre-skins games before were for-profit events for so many years, despite the fact they’re gone now. You guys didn’t do anything then and allows promotion on the bulletin board.

Anyway, I am clear on what can and cannot be posted here. From now on, I am out. I will run the skins for our flights this year, but never again, unless I get a booth. It’s too much trouble, and I was only trying to get skins completely out of the bulletin board all together. What does a small booth cost? I may consider it next year.

I do have one more question. Do the World Am folks (or the sponsors) run the tournament for profit? Or are you a non-profit organization? Just wondering. No offense intended.

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