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Dennis Daley

Looks like with the tee times I have all week will work out for the skins game. I have a 9:24 time on Monday and plan on getting to the course by 7:00 in order to get as many signed up as possible. My times the rest of the week are early enough that I will be there to post and payout for the previous day. I will stay Thursday until the last group is in. If anyone wants to pay electronically in advance I will accept Zelle. Please use my phone number for this, 5137021820.
Harry, congrats for winning the WA last year and good luck to the rest of the guys in your flight😁. Thanks for the suggestion on the side game but the software I use does not allow for changes within the skins game. I know you just entered our age group but I’m on the other end and next year will be my last in this group. Maybe you can do skins next year.
Thanks for the offer to help but with tee times it just makes it more difficult to coordinate. I should have most the work done ahead of time to make it easier. With guys texting or emailing their cards also helps. I wouldn’t expect guys that tee off at 7:45 to wait around for two hours in order show me their card.
If anyone has any questions please call, text, or email me. See ya Monday.

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