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Christine Remines

My concern was a lack of a ranger monitoring pace of play at Barefoot Norman. My tee time was 9:34. I took a photo of the cart gps starting 18. Pace behind 136 minutes elapsed time 6:19. My cart partner and I had a a contentious start with the other two from the get go. Rules fights and so forth no help looking for balls. Repeatedly told them we were behind. They would not make an effort to speed up. Wouldn’t hit until the drink cart girl was completely gone. I had to cancel a phone business meeting at 3:45 because I thought I would be done with golf by then. Was in 2nd place after 1st round but just lost it after this fiasco. Granted I need to work on the mental side of the game dealing with this part but this was extreme. My state tournaments don’t tolerate this. You get slapped with penalty strokes. Asked in the clubhouse why no rangers, the said World Am doesn’t like to monitor pace of play. I call BS.
Huge shout out to Farmstead. They kept pace of play in check, let us know if weather was coming in and what to do if horn sounded.

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