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John Decatur

Tee times was a total failure. 6+ hour rounds is not acceptable when there are only 108 golfers on the golf course. The 4 courses I played I saw a ranger once only each round and they didn’t want controversy so they just drove right on by. Of the 4 rounds the earliest tee time I got was 8:57 and we didn’t actually tee off until 9:15 because they were already behind. This was my vacation I didn’t enjoy spending the entire day on the golf course waiting to hit shots. It wasn’t fair to my wife who came with me but she doesn’t golf. If they do tee times next year I don’t plan on coming back especially when I had the last, second to last and 4th to last tee times. The one day the early groups had no wind the first nine holes. We had 40 mile an hour winds for 18 holes. Totally unfair. Also some players I talked to got early tee times everyday.
Also the late tee times you didn’t have range balls as the courses ran out and didn’t want to pick up the range and provide more balls.
In my opinion the tournament has gone down Hill each and every year and this was my 13th. The price goes up but the quality goes down and the merchandise we get is total crap. It goes right in the garbage as goodwill won’t even take it.

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