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John Decatur

I recall last year the WA took a lot of heat for one of the courses at the Big Cats for the same issues and the WA promised this issue wouldn’t happen again. Scott T finally admitted they shouldn’t of been in the rotation last year because of the awful conditions. I just looked on a bunch of reviews prior to the WA and people were complaining about the same issues you all experienced at Lion’s Paw. I fault the WA staff for once again believing the course operators on saying the course would be ready for the tournament and not sending someone up to check it out. We pay way too much money to continue to get excuses. Remove them from the rotation along with Azalea Sands and any other dog track until they can show they have made improvements. Diamond Back and Crown Park are D courses at best and always will be so I have come to accept if I get either one of them which I have got the past two years it is fine as long as the other courses make up for it.
This year I got True Blue, Myrtlewood Palmetto and The Pearl so I did very well so I will not complain about drawing Diamond Back. At least the operators of Diamond Back are trying to do the best with what they have and the staff were very accommodating. I feel bad for the people that own houses in the Big Cats community as they are beautiful homes but the golf courses are not what they once were.

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