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Rick Kimbrell

The Big Cats courses have become a joke. Last year I drew Panther’s Run. I have played a $15 green fee course that was in better shape than Panther’s Run. To continue to let that complex give the World Am a really bad name is sad. Last time I was on Lion’s Paw, it was just as bad as Panther’s Run was last year. Had it not been for the high weeds, there probably wouldn’t have been anything green in the fairways. In the rough, some of the weeds were 6 inches higher than the rough itself. We played a hole that had over 60 yards of absolutely no grass whatsoever.
Sorry you guys who played anything at Big Cats had to play there.
The only time I have ever had anything worse in the WA was the year we played Barefoot Norman with sand greens. Not punched and sanded…an actual 1/4 to 1/2 inch layer of sand on top of the green. Founders Club would come in a close second because of the weeds and screwed up greens there.

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