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John Francis

I have avoided expressing my opinion and feelings regarding the WAM as I didn’t feel it was right not having the experience here many of you do. Now having 3 trips under my belt and taking into account many thoughts and ideas shared by so many, I feel I have earned a few “stripes” if you will.

I really enjoy reading the different posts, as you all have so many ideas I have never thought of, and I find them quite interesting.

The first year I played was 2019. I found the event to be everything I had been told it would be, and then some. As a former PGA member, I can attest to the work that goes into running an event. But nothing compared to this level. So, for starters, I applaud Scott and his team for the time and effort they put forth to provide 3500 players a quality event. Do they get it right at every corner? No. Do they miss the mark in some areas? Yes. By and large, I have had a great time playing and playing some nice courses that are not available here in Pensacola.

We are in a time that many of us have never seen. A time that has taken us away from a normal way of life that we may never see again. Let’s face it….COVID rules. It’s just the way it is right now. We simply need to adapt and improvise.

Tee times vs. Shotgun makes no never mind to me. I haven’t played enough years to develop the long lasting friendships many of you have here. I understand the anticipation of seeing those friends. And if a Shotgun start is the way of the future, I’ll be just fine.

As far as courses on the rotation, I played Possum Trot last year. It was my first real experience with a “Goat Track” in this event. I learned it was up for demolition after the WAM to put in new apartments or housing development. If they had let me know in time, I would have been happy to assist with its destruction. This year, I believe it was Diamond Back that fit the bill. It was not nearly as bad as Possum Trot. I will say the cups did not look like they had ben changed in 3 days. Too many worn areas on the low side of the hole. The big issue I had was with the driving range and practice balls. I swear there were balls on the range that looked to be as old as I am (58), and looked to be no effort to clean them before putting them back out to be hit again.

The glaring thing I see with many of these courses is there seems to be absolutely no effort made to show us they are A: proud of their facility and B: Glad to have us at their course.

My apologies for the long post. what I thought was going to be my two cents looks more like 2 or 3 dollars.

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