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Pace of play was terrible. At River club, 9:33 tee time took 5 hours and 45 minutes. The group ahead of us had a hole open in front of them. Played with an individual that was in the group ahead of us and he stated that he was being held up all day. What a joke. Our local association handles it this way. PACE OF PLAY – A player shall be subject to penalty for unduly delaying play and/or not playing in
accordance with CDGA Pace of Play Guidelines. The highlights are listed below:
• If a group is out of position, the group will be notified and timed. A group is out of position when a
par 4 or par 5 hole is open before the group reaches the teeing area.
• Players have 40 seconds to play a stroke. Any time over 40 seconds is a “bad time.”
• The timing will start when the player has had sufficient time to reach the ball, and it is the player’s
turn to play and is able to play without interference or distraction. Time taken to determine
distance and select a club will count as time taken for the next stroke. On the putting green timing
will begin when the player has had a reasonable amount of time to lift, clean and replace the ball,
repair damage that interferes with the line of play and move loose impediments. Time spent
looking at the line of play from beyond the hole and/or behind the ball will count as part of the
time taken for the next stroke.
• Timing ceases when a group is back in position and players will be advised.
Penalties for failure to comply with the policy
• Penalty for first breach: Verbal warning
• Penalty for second breach: One-stroke penalty
• Penalty for third breach: Two-stroke penalty applied in addition to penalty from the second breach
Needless to say it took that one player about 2 minutes every putt. VERY LONG DAY.

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