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Bob Newman

Bruce, all you stated is correct. Without people with the knowledge of the proper way to time pace of play, it will not accomplish anything. When I first started playing on the world am, we would actually see the host pro on the course monitoring pace of play. Sadly, the local pros and host clubs are using us as just a cash cow. They tell the WA that they do this and also that the course is on top to shape just to be allowed to host. My group was told we were out of position(by a starter) as we were approaching a greens. We finished and proceeded to the next hole to wait to hit our tee shots. This same clown was on the next fairway as we waited to hit into the green. Had not a clue as to how to monitor groups. It is impossible for the WA staff to control the courses. They have to rely on the courses to be truthful that they are following the guidelines the WA request. We pay to much money for the courses to treat us this way. I am not finding fault with Scott and the WA STAFF but I honestly believe the courses are taking advantage of the situation. The last 3 years, I have had 2 courses each year that I would not spent money to play. I will also note that one of those courses(Founders) was in better shape than I expected, but I could see the signs that it was headed back to its ugly self. I wish it was some way that the Myrtle Beach Golf Association would look at the complaints that some courses get and ban those courses from hosting. But I know the answer to that. I think I will just start playing on events that I know which courses I’m playing before I send in my money. I’ve played in this for 17 years and have enjoyed it every year, but that’s it for me.

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